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Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Beginning


Copyright Lia Scott Price

The Beginning

A Guardian Angelʼs own anger and personal trauma can be a powerful tool. It can destroy. She is an angel who stands over her abusive parents while they sleep, recalling their psychologically abusive and uncontrollable temper tantrums. She committed suicide at an early age, and despite the myths that those who kill themselves cannot go to Heaven, she became a Guardian Angel, and was obligated to answer the prayers of those who prayed for help and protection.
Ironically, she now listens to her own parentʼs hypocritical prayers: “Please protect me, help make me rich, help me go to Heaven, I go to church every Sunday, I donate to the church, and I deserve to be saved.”

She shakes her head at their selfishness and hypocrisy, She blames them for her death. They abused their own daughter.

All she wanted was for her abusive parents to stop being so angry over every little thing and for them to stop taking it out on her. And now she had the power to answer their prayers and to destroy them---through their own rage. She now had the free will to do so despite her obligation to help mankind.

She could rebel. She could become a killer that no one would suspect, not even her own creator. It was a rage that ate away at this Angelʼs insides. And it led her to do away with who she hated.

The child in her wanted those who abused her to feel fear, because she was tired of being afraid of their anger. Her parents still lived in the dark ages where they thought it was acceptable to be abusive to a child. They represented the worst of a human sociopathic culture and society: parasitic, with no empathy, immature, arrogant, abusive, hypocritic, lacking in decency and ethics, insecure about their own selves, malicious, materialistic, greedy, and self-righteous. She wanted people like them to stop to multiplying like the plague, and she hated them and all who
were like them.

They robbed her of her childhood with their unforgivable abuses and neglect. It was a shameful family secret. She did not expect them or their kind to ever apologize for all the trauma they caused her and that she still suffered from. She didn't choose where she was born or to whom, but she considered all the abuse to have begun with her parents and their kind, and she held them fully responsible for all the abuse and trauma that tormented her.

They taught her to feel nothing but hate.

Yes, a Guardian Angel can feel pain, and can hate. And can be vengeful. She felt that only way to purge such anger is to purge them from life. And to make sure they bled. She was ready to answer their prayers in her own way. Her father had used the belt on her when she was alive, and she made him dream, about the time when he took it off to use it on her, and in his dream it wrapped around his own neck and choked him to death. And her mother, as she dreamt about screaming and yelling abusive words to her child, had stopped in the midst of her rage, picked up a knife, and stabbed herself to death, using the force of her own rage, in her own dream, until she lay in a pool of her own blood.

And that is how they were found. That was this Angel's vindication, her comfort and revenge. She was once human after all. And she would go after the rest of the family, tracking them down through their prayers for help, because of what they knew. They watched. They did nothing.  They stayed in denial.   They did nothing to help her, because they had no empathy and were too concerned about getting along with everyone, with keeping the peace, even though they knew abuses were being committed.

And she listened for their prayers….and waited.

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